Wednesday, May 1, 2013 A Social Experiment.

For a long time I have be interested in how people think, behave and interact with one another.
So when this new anonymous question asking website showed up, and introduced a new way to for people to relate to each other, it naturally caught my interest.

Initially I basically wrote it off as a high school gossip machine, like one of those horrible 'confession pages' on Facebook. But the more people signed up for it the more I became curious about it.
However, I didn't think to seriously about it as a part of society until I asked someone (on if they thought it could be a relevant part of society, like Facebook. The reply surprised me: "Yeah, it could. Provided it was used in the right way". So that got me thinking about the role of anonymous questions as a part of our society, a part of relationships, a part of communication.

I decided the best way to determine the quality or function of anonymous questions, would be to create an account and try it out for my self.
It hasn't even been 24 hours yet, but I have answered over 80 questions and I am finding it to be a very interesting experience.

I would write about how I feel about the website, but frankly I am not sure yet.

But here are some the questions buzzing around my head:
  • Are anonymous questions beneficial to a relationship or not?
  • Does the ability to ask anonymous questions bring us closer to our friends and enable us to understand them better? Or does it just make our friendships less and less personal?
  • Does allowing people to easily contact you anonymously simply turn you a target for cyber bullying? Or does having the chance to make statements about yourself build your confidence? 
  • Is it a positive way to relate to people, or is it not really communication at all?
  • Is it good to ask such open and personal questions, anonymous or not?

I'll let you know when I come to any conclusions!
Thanks for reading, look out for another post soon.
Dan Brunskill

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