Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Youtube covers/live versions I can't get enough of.

There is around about 120 million videos on Youtube (according to Yahoo Answers). Most of that is generic rubbish, but there are is small number of musical moments that keep drawing me back for another listen.
In a world where we expect new and more exciting things everyday, it its only a brilliant video that will keep bringing someone back again and again.
Here are my favourites:

Jesse McCartney - Buy You A Drank (T-Pain)

Remember this song from T-Pain?
This is Jesse McCartney's 2008 jazzy/white R&B arrangement of it. It is real fun and exciting, with a "nasty groove" as McCartney says. The jazz style instrumentation with the R&B backing vocals is an force to be reckoned with. If Jesse McCartney made a whole album like this, I would buy it.
Classy R&B, I haven't heard anything like it. That is why I keep coming back.

Ben Howard - Only Love (Live from BBC 1 Radio Lounge)

Folk music is always better live. Ben Howard is a brilliant song writer and a great vocalist. But what I love about this video is not really Ben Howard, check out the band!
I'm not sure that I have ever seen a group of musicians care for a song so beautifully. They dance through their parts like they are carrying a newborn baby. Every sound they make is carefully considered and used to add to the music. They are all taking it very seriously.
The dynamics are stunning and the arrangement is surprising and dramatic. The bands chemistry is awesome and India Bourne (bass guitar) is awesome.
I had been listening to this cover for awhile then I checked out the album version. I was very disappointed. Didn't have anything like the tender love and care that this version does. I love it.

Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me  

Written by Mark Reid and Allen Shamblin, "I Can't Make You Love Me" was made popular in 1991 by Bonnie Raitt. Mojo magazine put it at #8 on the 100 Greatest songs ever. It made it onto the Rolling Stones The 500 Greatest songs ever. Then Bon Iver came along and made it better.

Future of Forestry - Slow Your Breath Down

Future of Forestry is a great band and this video is great display of their musical prowess. They are so tight and well rehearsed. The use of multiple alternate instruments gives a diverse and huge sound. All from a 3 piece band! It is also beautifully filmed with awesome lighting!
Not many videos like it around. Amazing work.

The Edge - Love is Blindness
Maybe I am just a huge the Edge fan, but when I stumbled across this video I was amazed! Such a beautiful performance, great guitar playing, great vocals. And it is refreshing to have The Edge in the limelight.
Singing to an empty room concert hall just adds to the drama. While he was recording the original version for  Achtung Baby the Edge split up with his wife. That breakup radically affected the Edge and the Edges influence on the song and he became very attached to it. Allegedly breaking several strings while recording the guitar solo.

That'll do for now.
Not that anyone really reads this, but if you do: please share your favourite videos in the comments below!

Dan Brunskill 

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