Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 Reasons you should have your photo taken.

I am an amateur photographer. I not especially good at it, but I have an old well loved DSLR (Canon Rebel if anyone is interested) and I love to show up at events and take photos. Its like capturing an event for all time. But I have an problem and I am sure many other amateur photographers also have this issue. People who won't let you take photos of them. Those people who turn their heads away, hide in a bedroom or cover their face with their hands. This worst culprits are teenage girls, but I also know many guys who also refuse to be photographed. So today I will point out a few things about this issue.

  1. Nothing bad happens.
    You will probably know that x-rays are not very good for your health. They use radiation and if you receive too many x-rays you are likely to get cancer. Cameras are not like x-rays, they do not give you cancer, brain damage or any other diseases. There are scientists all around the world who say that every time you call someone on a mobile phone, you increase your chances of brain tumours. I have never heard anyone say that camera's give you an illness.
  2. If you're not in a photo, you weren't there.
    Often I take photos at camps, and afterwards I make a selection of the photos that best represent the event and upload them. Nearly always people send me messages requesting more photos so they can have "more great memories of this camp". Most people remember by looking at photos and as you get older your memory deteriorates. Have you ever sat down with your parents or grandparents and looked through their old family photos? Laughed at the fashion, listened to their stories surrounding the photo? Don't you want to be able to do this with your future kids and grand kids? If you are not in any photos you will not have these opportunities. And worse: No one will remember you.
  3. The more photos taken of you, the better.
    Any real photographer (even an amateur) will only choose a collection of the best photographs. But photographers also want to make sure that there are photos of everyone in the album. I have had people send me messages after parties complaining that they are not in any photos, so I have learnt from this and try hard to include everybody. So if I only get one photo of you all night, that is the photo I will put on Facebook, regardless of how good it is. But if I get 10 photos of you there is 10x the chance of having a good photo. So the more photos there are of you, the more likely it is that their will be a good photo of you. (This doesn't apply so much with professional photographers because they will probably get a good photo every time, amateurs like me will need a few tries)
  4. Popular people get lots of photos taken of them
    Have you noticed that the cool kids always end up in lots of photos? You should be flattered if someone wants to take lots of photos you.
  5. Its a little offensive
    I don't know if this is just me, but I am always offended when someone refuses to let me take a photo of them. To me it says: 1. I don't trust you with a photo of me. 2. I don't want people to know I was hanging out with you. And 3. You are awful photographer, people always look awful in your photos.
    If any of those things are the case, then just tell me that.

So that is the end of my speel about those people who won't have their photo taken. So remember these holidays: Nothing bad happens. People remember you by looking at photos of you. If some one takes lots of photos of you there is a better chance of a good photo. If people like taking photos of you it means you are popular. It is offensive to always refuse photographs.

Ranting about personal peeves once again,
Dan Brunskill

P.S I am sorry if I gave anyone the impression that I know anything about photography or people. I do not know if these ideas reflect the ideas of other amateur photographers, it just a bunch of stuff the popped into my head.
If you wish to debate against something I have said please do! Post a comment below, I would love to hear you opinion.

Interesting and un-exciting: Life.

Life is an interesting thing. I haven't worked out why yet, but thats what people keep telling me.
I am writing this in the corner of my parents garage. I am sitting on an old couch that was rejected by the family as acceptable living room furniture. The wall to my left is covered in crude shelves and they are filled with the cluttered treasures people hoard and disregard. Memories and potential. Some active, some passed. To my right is another piece of rejected furniture, a large table. Reliced by years of being used by a big family. It is covered in whatever music gear my brother and I could scavenge. Microphones, tamberines, shakers, an old stolen P.C screen, a stereo that belongs in our parents lounge and a collection of tea cups. My brother is sitting at this table writing a song about appreciation of life, a song about hope. My sisters are also occuping this room but they are remaining quiet as so not to put off any flows of creativity Tim may be having. And I have chosen this time to reignite this old blog.

Sometimes I feel the need to create, to write, to share. I don't know that I handle emotions very well. I often don't understand how I feel until I write something and then I suddenly understand. Sometimes I discover myself through song, sometimes through a piece of writing, like this one.
I still don't know why I am writing this. I guess I want to send something out into that cosmic void we call the internet. Blasting some random collection of words off into the internet, like an unguided ship into space. I don't what will happen, except I know nothing will happen. And for some reason that is exciting.
I like the idea of someone reading this and then, in some bizzare and semi-fictional way, us being connected by the piece of my soul, of me, that I have recklessly dumped into these paragraphs. I write without a filter, my subconscious mind thinks it, and then my hands type it. It is like I am telling myself a story and I am writing it down, so I do not forget. I wouldn't call this inspiration, that is different, this is mearly venting, letting all my thoughts out so I can sleep tonight. Thoughts about music, life, fun, bordem, fear, peace, love, there is so much to write about! So many things going on! Not one of them worthy of a film or a book, but not one of them worthy of forgetting or disregarding!

So I will aspire to write it all! All the elements of this apparently-interesting life we call our own, all written on a page on my bedroom floor or cast into this cosmic void. All beautiful, all boring, all life.

Waxing the lyrical once again,
Dan Brunskill

P.S At this stage I would normal go though my writing and see if there is anything worth publishing. Given the occasion of tonight I will not. I will not even read it through again tonight. I cannot really remember what I said. I'm not even doing spell check. This is as raw as it comes.
Look out for some more refined posts further down the line.