Sunday, February 21, 2010

Danger! Lawyers ahead!

Recently, while surfing the net, I came across a top ten list of worst drivers by profession. It went as follows:

1. Attorney/Judge

2. Financial Professionals

3. Government worker

4. Bartender or waiter

5. Business professionals

6. Dog groomer

7. Marketing/advertising professionals

8. Barber/stylist

9. Coach

10. Nurse

A few of these came as a surprise to me, for example Dog Groomer? There can't be more then twelve of them in the world, yet they have more accidents than the hundreds of people in Marketing. But, I think this can be explained logically. You have to look at the type of person who would do this job, the Dog Groomer, would be a young, blond female, who drives around to somebody's house to scrub their Chihuahua, and then, they would back straight out of their driveway and into their letter box. Or if you take the Government Worker, they are too busy trying to work out how to get a free trip to France to notice the car in front of them stopped. Or maybe they consider the stopped car to be the opinion of the New Zealand public, and therefore completely ignore it, just like they did with the smacking referendum.
This list also tells as a bit about what our employees might be up to behind our backs. The bartenders are number four, and with all that alcohol around them, we can only jump to one conclusion...
The marketing professionals, crash their company car as a publicity stunt. And the nurses are simply overtired, or just trying to bump up their work quota. As for the barbers, they have no excuse, they are just bad drivers.
And for all the other professions I haven't mentioned, I mustn't have a prejudice for them.
But maybe to prevent crashes, you should have in your back windscreen a sign, like the learners plates, saying your profession. Lawyers and Judges could have a red sign with a J in it representing a high risk profession, and nuns could have a green plate with a N in it representing a low risk profession. It's all about road safety.

Dan B

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Change of the flag?

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New Zealand Flag Australian Flag

Over the last year or two there has been a debate going on about whether or not to change the New Zealand flag. They have been saying that as a independent country we should no longer bear the Union Jack, also they say that our flag often gets confused with the Australian flag, so we should change it.
The New Zealand Herald surveyed 18 of the 22 members of the Order of New Zealand and 11 of them said it was time to change the flag, five wanted to keep the same flag and two of them were unsure.
Our flag was officially adopted 24 March 1902, but was in restricted use since 1869. Before that the united tribes of Maori had chosen a flag, suggested by missionary Henry Williams.
The flag has seen us through a lot, two global depressions, many gold medals at Olympic events, but the biggest stand out, would be the two world wars. Thousands of New Zealanders died under that flag, and I don't think they would want it to change, well they are dead so they wouldn't really care so much, but at ANZAC day I want to fly the same flag that they flew in 1915. And why get rid of the union jack, it shows our roots, and we are still very closely associated with Briton, we would be the first to follow them into a war. And who cares if our flag looks similar to the Australian flag. We are even more closely related, an two hour plane trip away. I like our flag, it shows lots about New Zealand, and I don't want to change it, but I would be willing to, if somebody came with a really good design. Otherwise lets keep it old-school.

Dan B