Sunday, October 17, 2010

50 posts and they're still rubbish.

This (if I get around to publishing it), will be my 50th post. An event that should be worth commemorating. But to be honest, its not.
The only really good blogs I have written I could count on Von Stauffenbergs fingers. And the reason: I let myself write about anything anytime. That doesn't work.
So I need direction, I need a subject. I need something to inspire me.
I watched the movie Julie and Julia recently, it was basically about some lady called Julie who was madly obsessed with an old celebrity chef named Julia, and she did a blog where she cooked her way through Julia's cook book, in a year (365 days, 500 and something recipes). And wrote a blog about it. Along the way she had several meltdowns, nearly got fired and almost got a divorce. No need to say I won't be doing Julia Child blog! But that sort of challenge is exactly what I need.
So, I want your ideas (all three readers that is)! What should this blog become? It needs to be completely remodeled and renamed (away from the stupidly bland "Dans Articles").
So, suggestions please!

P.S The only things I have considered so far is a review type thing, books or music or something. And believe it or not, cooking was also considered. A sort of documentation of all the meals I make. But I'm not sure.

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  1. Hmmm, 50 posts is still a good achievement Dan.
    I think the other thing that might help would be a publishing deadline. Like releasing a blog every friday, no excuses.

    How about "5 things I've learn't this week?"
    or pick a bunch of numbers like they do in readers digest. eg.
    3.7 the percentage of people under 18 who own a motorcycle
    240 the number of maori who signed the treaty of waitangi

    Have a look at to see how emma uses regular features (food for thought friday) to help her keep the blogs coming.

    I guess you probably also want to think about what your aim is with blogging.

    Is it to practice writing skills?
    Maybe you could serialise a novel you are writing?

    Is it to upskill with journalism?
    You could go to to community events, take photos and report back. For example you could have done something on the tulip festival?

    Is it to have an out let for your thoughts?
    Carry on as you have been blogging about what ever comes to mind...

    You could try to get you started with the 'personal blog' type idea. It give you questions to think about and ask like. "What do I most miss about childhood?"
    They can email you a question every day/week/month if you like...

    Another thing you might be interested in is it email you for a daily update, all you do it hit reply. No-one ever sees the replies but you. If you really want a journal rather than a blog that might be a good one? That's what I'm doing at the moment.