Sunday, June 13, 2010

The world isn't getting any better.

Who's seem the news recently? I haven't, so I'm writing about something I thought up a while ago.
A few months back, I was having a conversation with a friend about what I would do if I was the Prime Minister. And since I'm treating this blog like a column in a newspaper, I am acting like a columnist, which means I know exactly how to run the country and the politicians don't. But that said, I feel like the world isn't getting any better. In fact it is getting worse. There have been three riots in different country's within the last month! More children are dieing in Africa, not less. Murder is a common thing, every week on the news. The only good thing that has happened recently, is that we have managed to pull ourselves out of a recession. But, we must be doing something wrong. And everything comes down to people, I think New Zealand, and the world, needs a bit of a sorting out. So I will be starting a little series on how to fix the world, one New Zealand law at a time....

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