Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smart phones are brillent, when they work

Recently I read an article about smart phones, the author was raving about how great these phones, especially the I-phone, is and how it is like having 75% of your office in your pocket, you can keep on top of things while out for a walk in the park, and that it gives you amazing freedom. Not to mention the amazing applications for instance Pizza Hut recently released (in America) an application that allows you to order your pizza from your I-phone, you can stretch the pizza base to choose the size of your pizza, and you get to sprinkle your own topping on, and there is a pizza hut racing game you can play while you wait. All this stuff is great even brilliant... if it works. To often these type of things just don't or they are to complicated to understand, no point having all the drama of applications if you can't work out how to call somebody or send a text. It could take weeks to learn how to operate it, after three days of "how hard can it be", you have to find the manual, which you discarded when you opened the box, and then you have to flick through it, and all it's twelve different languages, till you find the part that tells you how to make a call, then you have to decipher what the writing, which has been translated literally from Japanese into English and barely makes sense, means, then you have to find the phone and try and try again till you get it right. And then just to top it all off, the phone's battery then goes flat.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Musical worship, the panadol for my soul.

Music is an amazing thing, ask any musician. Music is my passion. The things music does for this world is far more than entertainment. Music, in its best, reflects your life. That's my quite a bit of music sounds hollow and empty. The artist themselves are hollow and empty. Nothing in their live, but drugs, alcohol and the side affects of those two things. Therefore what comes out in their music is a empty hollow song about drugs, alcohol and the side affects.
Whats triggered all this? Well it all started with a quote that was sent to me; "You're out in the world and your skin is getting thinner by the day, and it's almost like travelling wears your defences down because your soul is usually f****** miles behind you. So it gets to a point where you just need music. At that point, instead of reaching for a guitar, you reach for the music that you know heals you."
Glen Hansard, who made this quote, was talking about music's healing quality's and how it affects his life, when another quote was made; "Unfortunately, poor Mr. Hansard only has part of the picture.
The reason I love playing music so much is that the organic, God created gift of music is a sacrificial work or service of worship from my body, and have my heart speaking to God, and him speaking back, is healing for my soul.
Mind, body and soul, all involved in one task, all giving and yet all receiving. Worship via music, the ultimate therapy."
This man, Ben Brunskill, who made the second quote was talking about an even higher form of music which, at its best, is the strongest and most powerful form of musical healing, worship.
This, I find, rings true in my life. You don't have to be a musician, just put on a worship CD and\or just sing it out, God won't mind if its out of tune. Try it.

Dan B

Monday, November 2, 2009

Young punks and paranoia's ruin everything.

With Guy Fawkes just around the corner, the usual group of people, the SPCA, the Fire Service, the police and the burn victims and who knows who else, (Saddam Usane will be having his say next) are up in arms about how dangerous fireworks are, and how they should be banned and how expensive they are and such other drivel, that I thought, I would like to have a turn. So here goes.
Guy Fawkes, to me, is one of the best times of the year, right up there with Christmas and Easter. You have a great big bonfire, toast marshmallows, sing songs and best of all, set off fireworks. But with all the scrutiny going on it seems that people would have them banned. Why? Because apparently nobody is properly capable of setting off fire works without killing a young boy, several old ladies, burning down two houses, blowing up a petrol station, setting fire to a national park and killing the odd cat. (I would give you correct statistics but New Zealand stats are almost impossible to find) So every one wants them banned. The other reason is that young, usual drunk, Punks go around popping the odd modified firework in peoples letterboxes, setting fire to cats and generally making to much noise. So all the elderly in New Zealand (which is half the population) call the Police and Fire service and generally waste people's time, which then gets blamed on the fireworks users. Which by the way is the people using them incorrectly. Therefore young punks and old people are to blame for half the talk about banning fireworks. Who is to blame for the other half? The paranoia's. I'm talking about the people who don't do anything in case of injury, the parents who won't let their kids ride bikes without shin pads, knee pads, elbow pads, steel cap shoes, helmets, and the odd AK47. It is people like this who hear about someone getting burned one (or every) year and then completely freak out and wrap their children in fire proof clothes, and give them a low power water "blower" (not gun) and then write to the news paper about how dangerous fireworks are and how they should be banned. I've been shot by a firework myself, i didn't set on fire and be rushed to hospital, I barely noticed, then turned around and shot the guy who shot me. So I say before you ban fire works, ban more dangerous things, I'm talking about bungy jumping, smoking cigarettes and driving cars, ban these things and I'll will be happy to let you ban fireworks.
I think some people have heard the saying "living is the leading cause of death" and decided to stop living in order not to die.
Happy Guy Fawkes everyone.

Dan B