Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smart phones are brillent, when they work

Recently I read an article about smart phones, the author was raving about how great these phones, especially the I-phone, is and how it is like having 75% of your office in your pocket, you can keep on top of things while out for a walk in the park, and that it gives you amazing freedom. Not to mention the amazing applications for instance Pizza Hut recently released (in America) an application that allows you to order your pizza from your I-phone, you can stretch the pizza base to choose the size of your pizza, and you get to sprinkle your own topping on, and there is a pizza hut racing game you can play while you wait. All this stuff is great even brilliant... if it works. To often these type of things just don't or they are to complicated to understand, no point having all the drama of applications if you can't work out how to call somebody or send a text. It could take weeks to learn how to operate it, after three days of "how hard can it be", you have to find the manual, which you discarded when you opened the box, and then you have to flick through it, and all it's twelve different languages, till you find the part that tells you how to make a call, then you have to decipher what the writing, which has been translated literally from Japanese into English and barely makes sense, means, then you have to find the phone and try and try again till you get it right. And then just to top it all off, the phone's battery then goes flat.

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