Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Musical worship, the panadol for my soul.

Music is an amazing thing, ask any musician. Music is my passion. The things music does for this world is far more than entertainment. Music, in its best, reflects your life. That's my quite a bit of music sounds hollow and empty. The artist themselves are hollow and empty. Nothing in their live, but drugs, alcohol and the side affects of those two things. Therefore what comes out in their music is a empty hollow song about drugs, alcohol and the side affects.
Whats triggered all this? Well it all started with a quote that was sent to me; "You're out in the world and your skin is getting thinner by the day, and it's almost like travelling wears your defences down because your soul is usually f****** miles behind you. So it gets to a point where you just need music. At that point, instead of reaching for a guitar, you reach for the music that you know heals you."
Glen Hansard, who made this quote, was talking about music's healing quality's and how it affects his life, when another quote was made; "Unfortunately, poor Mr. Hansard only has part of the picture.
The reason I love playing music so much is that the organic, God created gift of music is a sacrificial work or service of worship from my body, and have my heart speaking to God, and him speaking back, is healing for my soul.
Mind, body and soul, all involved in one task, all giving and yet all receiving. Worship via music, the ultimate therapy."
This man, Ben Brunskill, who made the second quote was talking about an even higher form of music which, at its best, is the strongest and most powerful form of musical healing, worship.
This, I find, rings true in my life. You don't have to be a musician, just put on a worship CD and\or just sing it out, God won't mind if its out of tune. Try it.

Dan B

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