Monday, August 3, 2009

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings School Report

Fellowship of the Ring PG

1. Middle earth is a fairly large continent that consists of
many different worlds colliding. From the hideous Orcs to the
beautiful Elves, the powerful Wizards to the peace loving Hobbits, all
trying to find their place within.
In a world controlled by magic rings, nothing is certain and with One
Ring to rule them all, only one thing is certain. War.

2. Bilbo Baggins
A. Appearance; A Hobbit, a little round in the middle like most
hobbits, short once again like the tradition of his race, no more than
three feet tall (The largest Hobbit was Bull-Rorer a member of the
Took family he was said to be well over four feet tall and could ride
a small human horse). He was a Wizened old hobbit.

B. Personality; A bit cheeky, and brought adventure to the shire and
was considered a little bit mad. Long years with the One Ring caused
it to grow on him and took a grip on his heart, but gave him long
life; he lived to be 113 years old.

C. Role in the Film; Role model to young Frodo, (Who was 40 years
old). Found and past the Ring on to Frodo triggering the whole
adventure. He gave Frodo two important items, his Mithreal coat and
his old sword Sting. He was writing
a book about his own adventures.

3. Special Effects

Shooting in different scale; In this technique they shoot a scene and
then using computer graphics change the scale of the character to
ratio, e.g. Hobbits and Dwarf’s are small while Orc’s and Men (All
played by humans) were large. So there was heaps of that going on.

4. Sound Effects

Voice emphasis; they use voice emphasis to make a characters voice
more powerful, often made deeper and slower, this was especially used
to indicate magic or immense power.
One scene it was used was when a powerful elf was offered the ring of
power; at first her voice was normal but as the desire to take the
ring increased so the ring increased it’s hold on her giving her a
power craze, at this point what she was saying was screaming out loud,
deep and slightly slurred, giving an amazing effect of power.

5. Music

In this scene were Bilbo is making a speech he is expected to tell a
secret when he put’s the ring on and disappears and returns to his
house invisible. All the time it is building up to the point where he
disappears with slow suspenseful music.
Music can add emotion, suspense and emphasis.

6. Camera Techniques

In the scene when Gandalf came across the ring lying on Bilbo’s floor
they had the camera pointing up at him so it appeared that the ring
was watching him.

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