Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tin Cans.

We all know tin cans, we all have them in our houses, we use them night and day, Peaches on breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, Canned tomatoes in your dinner. But did you know that they are only a small percentage tin? They are actually steel, coated with a tin plate 1/250 of a inch thick. Tin was used because it isn't toxic and doesn't affect the color of food.

The tin can was invented by a English (Or possibly French, I have conflicting story's) man called Peter Durand (Or Pierre Durand) he based his ideas on the glass bottling technique formed by Nicolas Appert but changed it from breakable glass to strong tin and steel.
Durand took out a patent on his idea in 1810 but then sold it to two English men Bryan Donkin and John Hall, who set up a canning factory and were producing the first canned goods for the British army in 1813.

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