Monday, July 27, 2009

Henry VIII

Now due to having difficulty with Azerbaijan, I have decided to move, temporally, to a more comfortably subject. The Tudor period. Here are some interesting facts about King Henry VIII;

We all know about how our good friend Henry had six wives, but did you know that after his first wife, Cathrine of Aragon, died, that same year he married and beheaded Anne Boleyn, then married Jane Seymour. Man he must have been bored.

He loved music. He owned 10 trombones, 14 trumpets, 5 bagpipes, 76 recorders and 78 flutes. He is also attributed the writing of Greensleeves.

He was an expert archer, he could hit the bulls eye over and over again at a distance of 220 meters.

He liked to play a game called "Paume" a bit like tennis, and he was playing this game while his wife Anne Bolyen was beheaded.

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