Monday, March 2, 2009

New Food?

How often do you wake up and have a bowl of porridge or some weetbix then for lunch you then have some white bread and a blue berry muffin and for dinner you have some potatoes. A normal day, well for me at least.

But apparently we are becoming too reliant on our 12 main foods. Things like wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats, potatoes. we are being told to start to grow rare foods like: Breadfruit, Bambara Groundnut, Barbados cherry, Amaranth, Pigeon peas, Cowpea (No not cow pee, a nutty bean like thing) and Tamarind.

Professor Hopper, Director of the royal botanical gardens has been suggesting just that, he thinks that with over 30,000 known edible plants, that it is crazy we only have about a dozen we rely on.
But I find it hard to believe that one day soon we will pick a Breadfruit of our tree and roast and that it will taste like bread. But who knows? Maybe a normal day will be get up, eat a bowl of Amaranth (Some sort of cereal, like wheat) At lunch roast a Breadfruit or two. Then have a nice Barbados cherry muffin made from Pigeon Pea flour and then a nice dinner of Bambara Ground nut.
Yummy! To be honest I think it sounds horrible. And I don't think that it will catch on any time soon. Sorry Professor Hopper.

Source: NZ herald

Dan B


  1. Very, very interesting. I'd never thought much before about the distinct lack of variety in our diets.

    I have to concur with your suspicions of not enjoying these 'exotic fruits' however I can't say I've even tried them. And as I commented recently on my blog I've found that I can acquire tastes that weren't at first appealing to my pallet. So I think we should all try a bit of breadfruit and some pigeon pea flour.

    Maybe someone should open a restaurant cooking only alternative foods? Perhaps that would help the taste become mainstream. Imagine if the western world was to acquire a taste for food that grows best in africa, that would be excellent for the continent's economy. (assuming of course it didn't just fuel more wars :)


  2. Yes well i do want to try some breadfruit. Could be interesting. And yes Africa is hardly the most stable country.