Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lately I have found myself no longer living in a family, but a wolf pack.
Sounds strange but apparently all dogs descended from Chinese wolves, they were tamed, trained and breed to do work for their masters. And now we're told to send them back too their wolf roots. Apparently the way to train them is too treat them like a wolf pack and teach the dog that it's at the bottom of the pack or food chain. In wolf packs the leader eats first then the others follow in order of rank. By eating in front of your dog before feeding him he realises that he is lower down the food chain and submits to you. Also you are meant to give a command before doing anything they like E.g cuddling and feeding. the other thing is that when they are disobedient or bad you can expel them the from the pack. Several times our dog has been "outcast" when shes been eating food off the table or refusing to get off chairs.
Now my only fear is that she will decide she wants a spot higher up the food chain and will try to kill us all. But oh well. Anything for science aye.

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  1. Sounds a little scary!
    I guess the key is to make sure you are the dominant wolf. Start eating dinner before anyone else arrives perhaps? Carry large weapons, and have your own pack of wolf hunting dogs?

    This cartoon might give you some ideas :)