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Imhotep was the chancellor for the Pharaoh Dojser ruler of Upper Egypt during the Old Kingdom (The first part of Egyptian History.)
Imhotep is spelt in many different ways, Immuftef, Or as the Greeks called him Imuthes.
He was given credit of the inventing or improving the papyrus scrolls, (Hieroglyphics's are quite hard to read precisely.) He was a brilliant architect and Designed the Dojser pyramid which was a step pyramid(Shown below) As a tomb for his king, Imhoteps own tomb has never been found

Imhotep invented medicine
that was not based on magical properties, Those types are very rear in Egypt,
All his finding were written on the Edwin Smith Papyrus
48 accounts on traumatic injury cases and about his surgery research.
Something I found interesting was the story of Imhoteps Dream the dream was a warning about seven years of famine that would shake Egypt (sound like the Joseph story?) the big difference is that Imhotep, The high priest of the god Heliopolis, had a chat with the god of the Nile convincing him to flood the river to bring fertility to Egypt.
It never rains in Egypt so to make the crops grow the river Nile floods it's banks and leaves a layer of fertile soil over the ground which they plant their seeds in, if the Nile doesn't flood their is famine and the people starve.
Imhotep was a brilliant man all his architecture and inventions helped shape the Egyptian culture even if he was never Pharaoh, Which he may have been but not for very long, He still has an important part in Egypt's history.
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