Monday, February 9, 2009

Dam Earthquakes!

Part 2

Although the Chinese government (who probably know their country best.) Say that Zipingpu dam had nothing to do with the massive earthquakes, I believe that it did, so much pressure from all that water had to do something to those tectonic plates.
When Hoover dam was built there were hundreds of earthquakes in the years afterward measuring up to magnitude 5--. there was no seismic history in that area. Another example of a dam causing earthquakes is Vanont Dam, built in 1960, 250 tremors were felt as it slowly filled, later when the reservoir was full, a large tremor knocked a huge slab of rock that slid into the reservoir causing a huge wave that swept over the dam killing 2,600 people. However Zipingpu earthquake has been the biggest dam earthquake ever. I believe that this can put down to it's place so close to fault lines. (Double click picture for a clearer view.) As you can see from the picture the Zipingpu dam is very close to several faults possibly multiplying the effects of the shock.

I wonder is there a way around this? Or will every time a dam is built will there be earthquakes? Maybe they shouldn't be allowed near faults or populated areas?

What ever the weather, I believe that Zipingpu Dam effectively killed 80,000 people.

Dan B

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dam Earthquakes!

Part 1

Scientists are blaming the huge Zipingpu dam for a earthquake witch took place in china last year causing over 80,000 deaths.
the zipingpu dam holds 315 millon tons of water the dam is built only 500 meters from the fault line.
Scientists from Usa and China claim that the water was putting too much pressure on the fault line and causing voilant ruptures and killed all those people. However the Chinese goverment are adiment that the mass building was not the cause of the quakes.
When two tectonic rub against each other faults ecur thats where merjority of earthquakes happen.
Scientist Christian Klouse belives that there hasn't been any "Majour secimisic ativity on that fault for years." he belives that a shift In the huge amount of water would relive the tension on the plates alowing them too move apart therefore increasing the overall presure causing the voilent ruptures. Bejing has called for an investergation although the gorverment claims that mass building has nothing too do with it.
Dan B