Thursday, December 10, 2009

Concert's volume is out of control.

Last night I went to the Mums Dollar gig in Hamilton, it was a pretty good gig. It was also pretty loud. My ears had a constant high pitched ring in them for over an hour. These gigs are just to loud, like Mr Tim Rogers pointed out: "Why have the music so loud that people have to wear ear plugs just to listen to it." He is so right, apparently the kind of volumes they have at your average rock concert, (without ear protection) your ears can only handle for 15 minutes, not to mention the fact that the music would sound better quieter, because they make it so loud it is forever distorting and feeding back, if they turned it down everything would sound much, much better and it would be much, much more pleasant to listen to. The sound would be clear, sharp and have far more clarity, plus you might actually be able to hear the vocals! So all you Sound Technicians out there, why have it so loud? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it unnecessary? What we need is some Jazz Soundys, all music should be done like Jazz, loud enough, but not blasting your ears out.
And no, all you people out there who will be saying that I'm an old grandfather, I'm not, I just enjoy my ability to hear, and enjoy good music.

Dan B

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smart phones are brillent, when they work

Recently I read an article about smart phones, the author was raving about how great these phones, especially the I-phone, is and how it is like having 75% of your office in your pocket, you can keep on top of things while out for a walk in the park, and that it gives you amazing freedom. Not to mention the amazing applications for instance Pizza Hut recently released (in America) an application that allows you to order your pizza from your I-phone, you can stretch the pizza base to choose the size of your pizza, and you get to sprinkle your own topping on, and there is a pizza hut racing game you can play while you wait. All this stuff is great even brilliant... if it works. To often these type of things just don't or they are to complicated to understand, no point having all the drama of applications if you can't work out how to call somebody or send a text. It could take weeks to learn how to operate it, after three days of "how hard can it be", you have to find the manual, which you discarded when you opened the box, and then you have to flick through it, and all it's twelve different languages, till you find the part that tells you how to make a call, then you have to decipher what the writing, which has been translated literally from Japanese into English and barely makes sense, means, then you have to find the phone and try and try again till you get it right. And then just to top it all off, the phone's battery then goes flat.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Musical worship, the panadol for my soul.

Music is an amazing thing, ask any musician. Music is my passion. The things music does for this world is far more than entertainment. Music, in its best, reflects your life. That's my quite a bit of music sounds hollow and empty. The artist themselves are hollow and empty. Nothing in their live, but drugs, alcohol and the side affects of those two things. Therefore what comes out in their music is a empty hollow song about drugs, alcohol and the side affects.
Whats triggered all this? Well it all started with a quote that was sent to me; "You're out in the world and your skin is getting thinner by the day, and it's almost like travelling wears your defences down because your soul is usually f****** miles behind you. So it gets to a point where you just need music. At that point, instead of reaching for a guitar, you reach for the music that you know heals you."
Glen Hansard, who made this quote, was talking about music's healing quality's and how it affects his life, when another quote was made; "Unfortunately, poor Mr. Hansard only has part of the picture.
The reason I love playing music so much is that the organic, God created gift of music is a sacrificial work or service of worship from my body, and have my heart speaking to God, and him speaking back, is healing for my soul.
Mind, body and soul, all involved in one task, all giving and yet all receiving. Worship via music, the ultimate therapy."
This man, Ben Brunskill, who made the second quote was talking about an even higher form of music which, at its best, is the strongest and most powerful form of musical healing, worship.
This, I find, rings true in my life. You don't have to be a musician, just put on a worship CD and\or just sing it out, God won't mind if its out of tune. Try it.

Dan B

Monday, November 2, 2009

Young punks and paranoia's ruin everything.

With Guy Fawkes just around the corner, the usual group of people, the SPCA, the Fire Service, the police and the burn victims and who knows who else, (Saddam Usane will be having his say next) are up in arms about how dangerous fireworks are, and how they should be banned and how expensive they are and such other drivel, that I thought, I would like to have a turn. So here goes.
Guy Fawkes, to me, is one of the best times of the year, right up there with Christmas and Easter. You have a great big bonfire, toast marshmallows, sing songs and best of all, set off fireworks. But with all the scrutiny going on it seems that people would have them banned. Why? Because apparently nobody is properly capable of setting off fire works without killing a young boy, several old ladies, burning down two houses, blowing up a petrol station, setting fire to a national park and killing the odd cat. (I would give you correct statistics but New Zealand stats are almost impossible to find) So every one wants them banned. The other reason is that young, usual drunk, Punks go around popping the odd modified firework in peoples letterboxes, setting fire to cats and generally making to much noise. So all the elderly in New Zealand (which is half the population) call the Police and Fire service and generally waste people's time, which then gets blamed on the fireworks users. Which by the way is the people using them incorrectly. Therefore young punks and old people are to blame for half the talk about banning fireworks. Who is to blame for the other half? The paranoia's. I'm talking about the people who don't do anything in case of injury, the parents who won't let their kids ride bikes without shin pads, knee pads, elbow pads, steel cap shoes, helmets, and the odd AK47. It is people like this who hear about someone getting burned one (or every) year and then completely freak out and wrap their children in fire proof clothes, and give them a low power water "blower" (not gun) and then write to the news paper about how dangerous fireworks are and how they should be banned. I've been shot by a firework myself, i didn't set on fire and be rushed to hospital, I barely noticed, then turned around and shot the guy who shot me. So I say before you ban fire works, ban more dangerous things, I'm talking about bungy jumping, smoking cigarettes and driving cars, ban these things and I'll will be happy to let you ban fireworks.
I think some people have heard the saying "living is the leading cause of death" and decided to stop living in order not to die.
Happy Guy Fawkes everyone.

Dan B

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can no one discover the meaning?

Without Wax

Great men and woman are without wax,
Those who mean what they say,
and say what they mean,

Bill Clinton was covered in wax,
he used it to cover his tracks,
and to hide all his cracks,

The Spanish sculptors whose skills were weak,
Used the wax, and tried to seek,
A gullible one to fall a prey,
To their very wicked ways,

The Bible talks on this law,
"Now therefore fear the LORD,
and serve him 'Without Wax'"

Dan B

Monday, October 26, 2009

Worryed about global warming? Eat your labrador.

Everyone is worried about the environment, and our government has been coming up with all sorts of ideas about how to solve this problem with things like, the emissions trading schemes, which no one really understands, and telling us to drive electric cars, which cost a small fortune and force power plants to burn more coal and create more emissions than before.
Well there is a new idea, eat your dog. Robert and Brenda Vale have written a book in which they claim that an average sized dog has the same ecological impact as driving around in a SUV. So clearly it's people like me with a medium sized Labrador-Staffy that is destroying the planet. Not those who have giant bonfires every night, not the people driving Dodges, its the dog owners. So maybe the government should come with some sort of family plan, like if you have a large dog like a Great Dane, which are taller than my mother, you are only allowed a Moped. Or if you have a medium sized dog like a Staffy you can drive a small car, or if you have a small dog like a Poodle you can drive a station wagon, or if you have no dog you can drive a SUV.
So clearly the solution to the people who like to drive big motorbikes and SUV's is that they can can eat their dog, or maybe turn it into pet food or fuel for your car. Maybe there is some nice dishes you can make with dog, like Sweet and Sour Poodle, Roast Chihuahua, Bulldog and Mash or Meat Staffy Burgers. And then you can go for a drive in your Dodge.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Car Deprication

We all know that secondhand cars a worth much less, even if nearly new. But do cars really lose half their value the moment you drive it out the dealers? Well according to "leading experts" most cars lose 15%-20% of their value within the first year, so not half the value, and not on the way out the door. But cars do depreciate quickly, the AAA study put the average deprecation of a new car at 3,392 a year. So that brings up the question, which cars depreciate the fastest? Well...

2006 Best Resale Value*2006 Worst Resale Value*
BMW 5 SeriesChrysler Sebring Sedan
Chevrolet CorvetteFord Freestar
Honda Accord HybridMercury Monterey
Infiniti G35 CoupeKia Optima
Infiniti M45Jaguar X-Type
Lexus GX 470Kia Rio Sedan
MINI CooperFord Ranger Long Bed
Porsche CayenneChevrolet Uplander
Toyota PriusPontiac Montana
Volvo XC90Chrysler Town and Country
* In alphabetical order Source: Kelley Blue Book

Car depreciation is often due to people's perception, if the type of car used to be unreliable the buyers perception will be that it is an unreliable car, even if it isn't, and unreliable car's depreciate faster. Other contributing factors can be colors or accessories. A bright purple car probably won't sell so easily, as a black one will. And of course some cars will just always be sort after eg. Mini Cooper, Porsche Cayenne, BMW, Corvettes and such other cars. They just won't depreciate like standard cars.
So that's it boys and girls hope you learned something, see you next time.

Dan B

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings School Report

Fellowship of the Ring PG

1. Middle earth is a fairly large continent that consists of
many different worlds colliding. From the hideous Orcs to the
beautiful Elves, the powerful Wizards to the peace loving Hobbits, all
trying to find their place within.
In a world controlled by magic rings, nothing is certain and with One
Ring to rule them all, only one thing is certain. War.

2. Bilbo Baggins
A. Appearance; A Hobbit, a little round in the middle like most
hobbits, short once again like the tradition of his race, no more than
three feet tall (The largest Hobbit was Bull-Rorer a member of the
Took family he was said to be well over four feet tall and could ride
a small human horse). He was a Wizened old hobbit.

B. Personality; A bit cheeky, and brought adventure to the shire and
was considered a little bit mad. Long years with the One Ring caused
it to grow on him and took a grip on his heart, but gave him long
life; he lived to be 113 years old.

C. Role in the Film; Role model to young Frodo, (Who was 40 years
old). Found and past the Ring on to Frodo triggering the whole
adventure. He gave Frodo two important items, his Mithreal coat and
his old sword Sting. He was writing
a book about his own adventures.

3. Special Effects

Shooting in different scale; In this technique they shoot a scene and
then using computer graphics change the scale of the character to
ratio, e.g. Hobbits and Dwarf’s are small while Orc’s and Men (All
played by humans) were large. So there was heaps of that going on.

4. Sound Effects

Voice emphasis; they use voice emphasis to make a characters voice
more powerful, often made deeper and slower, this was especially used
to indicate magic or immense power.
One scene it was used was when a powerful elf was offered the ring of
power; at first her voice was normal but as the desire to take the
ring increased so the ring increased it’s hold on her giving her a
power craze, at this point what she was saying was screaming out loud,
deep and slightly slurred, giving an amazing effect of power.

5. Music

In this scene were Bilbo is making a speech he is expected to tell a
secret when he put’s the ring on and disappears and returns to his
house invisible. All the time it is building up to the point where he
disappears with slow suspenseful music.
Music can add emotion, suspense and emphasis.

6. Camera Techniques

In the scene when Gandalf came across the ring lying on Bilbo’s floor
they had the camera pointing up at him so it appeared that the ring
was watching him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Henry VIII

Now due to having difficulty with Azerbaijan, I have decided to move, temporally, to a more comfortably subject. The Tudor period. Here are some interesting facts about King Henry VIII;

We all know about how our good friend Henry had six wives, but did you know that after his first wife, Cathrine of Aragon, died, that same year he married and beheaded Anne Boleyn, then married Jane Seymour. Man he must have been bored.

He loved music. He owned 10 trombones, 14 trumpets, 5 bagpipes, 76 recorders and 78 flutes. He is also attributed the writing of Greensleeves.

He was an expert archer, he could hit the bulls eye over and over again at a distance of 220 meters.

He liked to play a game called "Paume" a bit like tennis, and he was playing this game while his wife Anne Bolyen was beheaded.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Trojan War

How did it start?

Around 1200 B.C Paris prince of Troy ran off with Menelaus wife Helen, Menelaus got an army together including Odysseus and Achilles. (One man, Cinyras King of Paphos promised to send 50 ships, this he did, but only one of the ships was real, the others were toy models.) These men sailed (Or tried to sail) to Troy, and laid siege to it.

Who won?

The Greeks, King Menelaus. After ten years.
Achilles killed Hector and then Odysseus had a huge hollow wooden horse built which he and thirty of his best soldier’s climbed inside. The rest of the Greeks sailed away, leaving Sinon behind, giving the appearance of giving up and going home.
Sinon convinced the Trojans that the Greeks were gone and that they should pull the horse inside. Once the horse was inside Troy the Trojan’s threw a party and later on when everyone was either drunk or asleep they jumped out and slaughtered everyone.

Who were the main characters?

Paris, he was the prince of Troy and the most handsome man alive and he was in love with Helen.

Helen, married to Menelaus king of the Greeks, most beautiful woman alive.

Priam, king of Troy, father of Paris.

Odysseus, king of Ithaca, former suitor of Helen, hero in the Greek army, built the wooden horse.

Achilles was the prince of Phthia and Thetis, he was a legendary hero in the Greek army. Killed by Paris

Hector, Troy’s greatest warrior, Paris brother. Killed by Achilles.

Dan B

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Drunk Driving Poster.

A novel approch to truck sales.

Over in America sales on motor-vehicles are way down, including trucks. But one man from Missouri believes he has found the answer, his slogan; God, Guns, Guts and American Pick-Up Trucks. He is now giving away a free AK47 to everyone who buys a truck, any truck.
People have been responding well, they are worried about crime and want to protect themselves
An AK47 is worth about $700 (US$450) it was used by the Soviet Union in the 50's and hundreds of wars since.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tin Cans.

We all know tin cans, we all have them in our houses, we use them night and day, Peaches on breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, Canned tomatoes in your dinner. But did you know that they are only a small percentage tin? They are actually steel, coated with a tin plate 1/250 of a inch thick. Tin was used because it isn't toxic and doesn't affect the color of food.

The tin can was invented by a English (Or possibly French, I have conflicting story's) man called Peter Durand (Or Pierre Durand) he based his ideas on the glass bottling technique formed by Nicolas Appert but changed it from breakable glass to strong tin and steel.
Durand took out a patent on his idea in 1810 but then sold it to two English men Bryan Donkin and John Hall, who set up a canning factory and were producing the first canned goods for the British army in 1813.

Dan B

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Boys Aren't Jerks... ...Well in Disney anyway

This romantic story appeared on a friends blog. Isn't it beautiful?

Girl: Slow down, Im scared.
Guy: No, this is fun.
Girl: No its not.
Please its too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine I love you.
Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
Girl: *hugs him*
Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on yourself? Its bugging me.
Girl: Alright, now slow down
Guy: I love you babe

(in the paper the next day):
A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of brake failure. Two people were on it, but only 1 had survived.

The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn’t want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him and felt her hug one last time, and then he had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die.

Aww how cute, Romantic guy saves his girls life, Might even bring tears to the eyes . However it's just as cute and as romantic and tearjerking as, Say, Ella Enchanted, The worst fantasy since Disney started.
But, There is more in common between these two story's than I first implied, Ella Enchanted is probably more likely to be a true story. You see they are both works of fiction, Me and some friends got into an argument over wither or not this guy was a jerk I talked about letting go of the accelerator, turning a corner but, I was starting to lose, so I came out with the idea that it wasn't even a true story, This at the time I was yet to prove, so the next day I try'ed to search for a newspaper article with evidence of this story, but I could not find anything indercateing truth or fiction. Untill i came across a site called ( this site gave me some interesting info I quote: The story appears to be a work of fiction in that we have been unable to find any news storys of such an accident... ...Numerous folks who know far more about motorbike than we do have pointed out that most (If not all) Bikes have two breaking which are independent of each other, so it would be hardly likely for both to fail at the same time. Even if they did, a motorbike that has lost it's brakes can be brought to a stop by downshifting or even turning off the engine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Imhotep was the chancellor for the Pharaoh Dojser ruler of Upper Egypt during the Old Kingdom (The first part of Egyptian History.)
Imhotep is spelt in many different ways, Immuftef, Or as the Greeks called him Imuthes.
He was given credit of the inventing or improving the papyrus scrolls, (Hieroglyphics's are quite hard to read precisely.) He was a brilliant architect and Designed the Dojser pyramid which was a step pyramid(Shown below) As a tomb for his king, Imhoteps own tomb has never been found

Imhotep invented medicine
that was not based on magical properties, Those types are very rear in Egypt,
All his finding were written on the Edwin Smith Papyrus
48 accounts on traumatic injury cases and about his surgery research.
Something I found interesting was the story of Imhoteps Dream the dream was a warning about seven years of famine that would shake Egypt (sound like the Joseph story?) the big difference is that Imhotep, The high priest of the god Heliopolis, had a chat with the god of the Nile convincing him to flood the river to bring fertility to Egypt.
It never rains in Egypt so to make the crops grow the river Nile floods it's banks and leaves a layer of fertile soil over the ground which they plant their seeds in, if the Nile doesn't flood their is famine and the people starve.
Imhotep was a brilliant man all his architecture and inventions helped shape the Egyptian culture even if he was never Pharaoh, Which he may have been but not for very long, He still has an important part in Egypt's history.
Dan B

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Food?

How often do you wake up and have a bowl of porridge or some weetbix then for lunch you then have some white bread and a blue berry muffin and for dinner you have some potatoes. A normal day, well for me at least.

But apparently we are becoming too reliant on our 12 main foods. Things like wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats, potatoes. we are being told to start to grow rare foods like: Breadfruit, Bambara Groundnut, Barbados cherry, Amaranth, Pigeon peas, Cowpea (No not cow pee, a nutty bean like thing) and Tamarind.

Professor Hopper, Director of the royal botanical gardens has been suggesting just that, he thinks that with over 30,000 known edible plants, that it is crazy we only have about a dozen we rely on.
But I find it hard to believe that one day soon we will pick a Breadfruit of our tree and roast and that it will taste like bread. But who knows? Maybe a normal day will be get up, eat a bowl of Amaranth (Some sort of cereal, like wheat) At lunch roast a Breadfruit or two. Then have a nice Barbados cherry muffin made from Pigeon Pea flour and then a nice dinner of Bambara Ground nut.
Yummy! To be honest I think it sounds horrible. And I don't think that it will catch on any time soon. Sorry Professor Hopper.

Source: NZ herald

Dan B

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lately I have found myself no longer living in a family, but a wolf pack.
Sounds strange but apparently all dogs descended from Chinese wolves, they were tamed, trained and breed to do work for their masters. And now we're told to send them back too their wolf roots. Apparently the way to train them is too treat them like a wolf pack and teach the dog that it's at the bottom of the pack or food chain. In wolf packs the leader eats first then the others follow in order of rank. By eating in front of your dog before feeding him he realises that he is lower down the food chain and submits to you. Also you are meant to give a command before doing anything they like E.g cuddling and feeding. the other thing is that when they are disobedient or bad you can expel them the from the pack. Several times our dog has been "outcast" when shes been eating food off the table or refusing to get off chairs.
Now my only fear is that she will decide she wants a spot higher up the food chain and will try to kill us all. But oh well. Anything for science aye.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dam Earthquakes!

Part 2

Although the Chinese government (who probably know their country best.) Say that Zipingpu dam had nothing to do with the massive earthquakes, I believe that it did, so much pressure from all that water had to do something to those tectonic plates.
When Hoover dam was built there were hundreds of earthquakes in the years afterward measuring up to magnitude 5--. there was no seismic history in that area. Another example of a dam causing earthquakes is Vanont Dam, built in 1960, 250 tremors were felt as it slowly filled, later when the reservoir was full, a large tremor knocked a huge slab of rock that slid into the reservoir causing a huge wave that swept over the dam killing 2,600 people. However Zipingpu earthquake has been the biggest dam earthquake ever. I believe that this can put down to it's place so close to fault lines. (Double click picture for a clearer view.) As you can see from the picture the Zipingpu dam is very close to several faults possibly multiplying the effects of the shock.

I wonder is there a way around this? Or will every time a dam is built will there be earthquakes? Maybe they shouldn't be allowed near faults or populated areas?

What ever the weather, I believe that Zipingpu Dam effectively killed 80,000 people.

Dan B

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dam Earthquakes!

Part 1

Scientists are blaming the huge Zipingpu dam for a earthquake witch took place in china last year causing over 80,000 deaths.
the zipingpu dam holds 315 millon tons of water the dam is built only 500 meters from the fault line.
Scientists from Usa and China claim that the water was putting too much pressure on the fault line and causing voilant ruptures and killed all those people. However the Chinese goverment are adiment that the mass building was not the cause of the quakes.
When two tectonic rub against each other faults ecur thats where merjority of earthquakes happen.
Scientist Christian Klouse belives that there hasn't been any "Majour secimisic ativity on that fault for years." he belives that a shift In the huge amount of water would relive the tension on the plates alowing them too move apart therefore increasing the overall presure causing the voilent ruptures. Bejing has called for an investergation although the gorverment claims that mass building has nothing too do with it.
Dan B